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Lease vs Buy Solar Panels


 Climate change is affecting us all in both domestic and business environments. Power costs have spiraled, and reliability and availability have decreased in many areas. Solar power is an obvious choice to supplement or replace the existing supply. Before making the best purchase decision, the concerned buyer needs to understand the pros and cons of […]

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How many kWh does a solar panel produce?


 Solar panels are some of the best innovations in these recent few decades. They allow us to power our homes in a very cost efficient and Eco-friendly way, and can even help us save money in the long run. In case you are wondering how much power (kWh) solar panels put out and how many […]

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Top 7 Common Myths About Solar Panels


​​[​LAST UPDATED ON ]​ Solar power has been growing and establishing popularity in recent years. The premise that you can have free electricity is what draws many people to use solar power these days. Although solar power requires an investment and a nice source of sunlight to be depended on f-r-e-e energy, there are also […]

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