ECEEN Laptop Backpack with 7W Waterproof Solar Panel Review

ECEEN Laptop Backpack with 7W Waterproof Solar Panel Review

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When it comes to affordable and reliable solar backpacks, ECEEN is one of the leading brands. The ECEEN Laptop Backpack with 7W Waterproof Solar Panel demonstrates this. This backpack is designed for those who are looking for a more efficient solar-powered laptop backpack. It won’t just carry your 14-inch laptop, it can also recharge your mobile devices.

This backpack features powerful solar panels that can provide 7 watts of power, converting sunlight into a reusable energy. Aside from this, the product also includes a rechargeable 2,000mAh power bank which can store energy for later use. This way, you can use the stored energy to charge your phone even when the weather is gloomy and there is no sun.

You will also appreciate the quality of the [amazon link=”B01K49MD24″ title=”ECEEN Laptop Backpack with 7W Waterproof Solar Panel” /], which is rugged enough to withstand different outdoor conditions. It features abrasion-proof leather that won’t easily get scratches. Furthermore, the backpack also contains bubble foam that will absorb shocks and bumps to better protect your belongings. The back part of the bag has an ergonomic design, with contoured shoulder straps that are comfortable even if your load is heavy.

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Features of ECEEN Laptop Backpack with 7W Waterproof Solar Panel

  • Stylish flexible solar-powered backpack made of durable nylon Cordura, ideal for everyday use at work or school
  • Leather with abrasion-proof surface at the bottom
  • Soft bubble foam for shock and impact absorption and added protection
  • Multiple compartments for books, wallets and other valuables
  • Small pocket behind the panels and an exit for headphones
  • Dual-zipper design for added convenience
  • Contoured straps and padded compartments to make the wearer feel supported and comfortable
  • Accommodates up to a 14-inch laptop
  • Removable and rechargeable lithium-polymer 2,000mAh battery pack that is powerful enough for smartphones and other devices
  • Integrated 7-watt solar panel that is also waterproof
  • Item weight: 2.4 lbs
  • Dimension: 18.9 x 7.5 x 14.2 inches
  • Color: Black


ECEEN has been in the solar technology market since 2007. That is why when you ask people to recommend a great solar backpack, the name ECEEN usually comes up. The ECEEN Laptop Backpack with 7W Waterproof Solar Panel in particular is great for several reasons. If you are in search of a good-looking solar backpack, then this is one of the models to consider.

What sets this brand apart from the others is that it is affordable without compromising on quality. It’s easy on the pocket, but you can still rest assured that the solar backpack is durable. For this model, the manufacturer chose to use a rugged and tough nylon Cordura material. This fabric is strong and can withstand tough outdoor conditions. Meanwhile, the leather at the bottom is abrasion-proof so it won’t get scratched.

In terms of comfort and protection, this solar backpack won’t disappoint. The back part features an ergonomic design with contoured straps as well as a padded breathable compartment. You will feel supported and comfortable even if you are carrying a 14-inch laptop, books and other gadgets.

Aside from this the laptop bag also has a padded layer for added protection against shocks and sudden impacts. This ensures that your gadgets will be scratch free. Meanwhile, there are other compartments for keeping your things safe. These include the main compartment and front organizer pocket.

Of course, this review wouldn’t be complete without discussing the solar panel and the battery pack. The solar panel is integrated into the backpack and positioned in a way where it can catch plenty of sunlight during the day. Its 7W of power charges a battery 22% more efficiently than other solar panels. For small devices like phones and MP3 players, the 2,000mAh battery pack is great.


While this product is called a laptop solar backpack, it does not have the ability to charge a laptop. This is something to take note of if you were interested in buying it for this feature.

The solar panel is only 7 watts while the included battery pack is only 2,000mAh. This means that it is only suitable for charging smartphones and tablets. Thus, it is not an ideal backpack for outdoor adventures where you need to recharge heavy-duty gadgets and camping gear.

As with some of the manufacturer’s other solar backpacks, there are also complaints regarding the quality of the stitching in this one.


Considering the [amazon link=”B01K49MD24″ title=”ECEEN Laptop Backpack with 7W Waterproof Solar Panel” /] impressive features and inexpensive price, it is indeed a great pick. It is specially made for students and professionals who want to have an eco-friendly power source.

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